We offer a multitude of different support groups. We here at Page Boys Foundation believe in grieving together and to make connections with others going through the same thing. Below is a list of other support that we will be offering through the years. Our Mentoring Program is in the works and more information will be provided on that in Q4.

What is the Age Requirement?

  • Age 4-20+

What Do We Offer?

  • Group Conversations -COMING SOON-

      • Ages 6-9,10-12,13-15,16-20 would be the group conversations that would be held.

  • Mentoring Program-COMING SOON-

  • One-on-One Conversations -COMING SOON-

      • Social Workers/Counselors available

  • Educational Tutoring -COMING SOON-

      • On-Site Teachers to help tutor during sessions.

  • Special Events -COMING SOON- 2022

      • Celebration of Life, Ntl Children Grievance Day, Fundraising Events, Carnivals, etc.

How Much do it cost?

  • All we ask, is that you donate to the Page Boys Foundation to help further the awareness of grieving children.

  • We consider donating your time, ideas, and your help. Not just your money.