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Dash Podcast / Dash YouTube

Hey Guys! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that, Dash Podcast will be releasing their Holiday and Grief 4: 4th of July, Tomorrow, 7/5/2020! This is to coincide with their YouTube premiere of Holiday and Grief. You will also be treated to "W/ Matt" on Monday, July 6. An exclusive to InstagramTV, follow around Matt, living his normal "hectic" life!

Dash Podcast will be releasing a Summer Series, starting next Friday, July 10, Dash Podcast will be back for 4 episodes spread across the next two months! So stay tuned for that as we explore Summer and have some fun doing that! For more information on Dash Podcast on YouTube or Dash Podcast, please visit us on Facebook/Instagram or Twitter @dashpodc. or click here.

Dash Podcast YouTube Channel

Dash Podcast is expanding from just audio and adding Video! We will be bringing many different "segments" or "shows" throughout the tenure of our channel. To View what shows we will be creating please click here

About Us:

Page Boys Foundation Inc is a not-for-profit organization formed to help children who have lost their parents at a young age through the grieving process. We want to make sure each child feels like they are not alone by surrounding them with the support and love they need. You never get over the death of a loved one, but you can find ways to express it and come to terms with it in a healthy way.

How Do

You Relate?

We would like to know your story on how you lost your parent, when you were young, and how you grieved about it! Please email using your name as the subject line.

Available 07/01/2020

Page Boys Foundation Inc is looking for help!Please email Matt at

Updated: 07/17/2020