Grief Case is offered for all ages from 3 years old-18 years old!

Each Grief Case is personalized to fit each loved one it represents. 

What is Grief Case? 

Loss can be a storm, especially for little hearts. When the waves of grief hit, Grief Case offers children a safe haven – a sturdy, portable case filled with tools to navigate the choppy waters of loss. These aren't just toys; they're companions, confidantes, and catalysts for healing.

Inside each Grief Case, you'll find:

Comforting companions: Soft plushies or fidget toys, sensory items for moments of anxiety or sadness.

Creative outlets: Journals, art supplies, and mindfulness activities to express emotions through words and colors.

Memory keepers: Photo albums, keepsake boxes, and storytelling aids to cherish loved ones and their shared moments.

Guidance for grownups: Age-appropriate resources and tips for adults supporting children through grief.

Grief Case is more than just a case:

Portable comfort: Take it anywhere – to grandparents' houses, therapy sessions, or even school.

Personalized journey: Each case can be customized with items chosen by the child or caregiver.

Shared experience: Families can use the case together, fostering connection and communication.

Gift of hope:  Grief Case shows grieving children they're not alone, offering tools to weather the storm and find their way back to the sun.