Grief Case

Guiding, Celebrating, Connecting. 

New Logo 

With the nonprofit changing their logo, we thought it would be necessary for us to also change the Grief Case logo. 

"The new logo we created for Grief Case...has a deeper meaning then the one we originally released." said PBF CEO, Matthew Page. 

Grief Case is still available, please click on the order form at the top of this page to get started! 

Grief Case- Press Release

Grief Case is a box that is filled with many items that will help your child through the grieving process. This case includes a teddy bear, notebook and pencil (in case of mistakes.), A book about grief, Two Long Candles for the loved ones birthday or death anniversary, as well as a list of local Grief Councilors in your area. If you know anybody that needs this please email Page Boys Foundation Inc at If special requests are wanted please note that of a convenience charge.