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A Special Note from the CEO....

During these hard times with COVID-19, we are trying to plan everything for the next few years very carefully, please stay tuned, for some exciting news in the future. We would like to take this time to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. We know, when grieving this is a rough time. Just breathe, and think of the happy memories you once had with your loved ones during which ever holiday that you celebrate.  

You can always listen to our podcast, Dash-Podcast, and listen to our grieving episodes to help you throughout these times. We plan on giving you new episodes at the start of the year, as well as amazing projects coming from our Page Boys Foundation Inc Executive Board. See You in 2021. 

Matthew Page-Rash, CEO/President. 

We Need Your Help

In order to provide every child with the grief they need, we are in need of partnerships, counselors, and all the help we need. For more information please contact Matt, at mpage@pageboysfoundationinc.com 

Dash-Podcast Season 3

We are proud to announce, we will be going forth with season three of Dash-Podcast! This will be a rebranding of the entire series. There will be new segments, new voices, and (with covid rules), interviews with important people... for more information click here! 

Updated Our Site!

Today, June 13, 2020, We updated our site a little bit. We changed the logo for a Mentoring Program, One-On-One Sessions, as well as our Group Sessions, all information will be coming up in the coming months. The Logos we made are: 

Helping Our Hospital FINAL NUMBERS

During the month of April, we helped our community during the COVID-19 "Crisis" by donating to Gulf Coast Hospital Emergency Unit. Over social media we raised close to $500. Thank You to all who donated. With that money we were able to bring Breakfast (Dunkin'), Thai Star (Order here) , and pampering gift bags, filled with facemasks, lotion, and candy! We also had hairbands and facemasks donated by our amazing community. 

Dash Podcast YouTube Channel 

Dash Podcast is expanding from just audio and adding Video! We will be bringing many different "segments" or "shows" throughout the tenure of our channel. To View what shows we will be creating please click here 

Dash Podcast Summer Edition

Due to the Coronavirus we ended up cutting our Season 2 Podcast short. With that being said, we will be broadcasting a 5-episode Special Summer Edition of our podcast, which will include our first YouTube Show! 

COVID-19 Support 

Dear Lee County Community,

We here at Page Boys Foundation Inc would like to extend our support and help children and their families with anything they will need in this time of panic. Please message us via social media or our webpage so we can help in any way possible. 

Thank You,

Matthew Page, President/CEO

Season 2 of Dash-Podcast

Season 2 of Dash Podcast is on its way to all major podcast platforms Wednesday, February 26, 2020! They should be posted by 9AM/ETZ. They will be talking about what will be happening throughout this new season, as well as our very own, Michael Rash, will start of being interviewed! 

More Updates!!

We are adding more and more to our website. Please beware of the construction going on. We here at Page Boys Foundation want to provide everyone with information and support as best we can! 

Beyond The 5 Stages

In the last installment of "The 5 Stages of Grief" that we premiered with in Season 1, we found a couple other stages of grief that ties in to everything we discussed! Tune in on February 19 on any podcast app! #Beyond5 #5StagesofGrief #DashpodcBONUS

Just Recently Updated This Site

 We recently updated this website! We have added a Request More Information button (Left).  And we also added more material on our podcast site. 

A Message from The CEO 

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2020! This is the decade of Page Boys Foundation Inc. I would like to announce that we will be doing social media contests through this year to gain awareness of the effect children have while grieving! We also have a couple announcements coming out in the next couple of months, Stay Tuned! @PageBoysFDNINC 

Dash Podcast Season 2 

Please join Dash Podcast as they for the very first time, interview some amazing people in their life! They will also go through Holiday and Grief: Easter, Beyond The 5 Stages, as well as The Marijuana Episode! Follow and subscribe on Spotify or any podcast app and Social Media @Dashpodc or anchor.fm/dashpodcast