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Just a Quick Update

HAPPY 2021! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Page Boys Foundation, Inc is planning for a fun, and informational year! If you would like to participate in anything please feel free to click here!

We are always updating our facebook page with awesome stories and future projects, that may be in the works!

In March, we will be announcing our Gala 2022, See you then!

Matthew Page-Rash, CEO/President.

About Us:

Page Boys Foundation Inc is a not-for-profit organization formed to help children who have lost their parents at a young age through the grieving process. We want to make sure each child feels like they are not alone by surrounding them with the support and love they need. You never get over the death of a loved one, but you can find ways to express it and come to terms with it in a healthy way.

How Do

You Relate?

We would like to know your story on how you lost your parent, when you were young, and how you grieved about it! Please email using your name as the subject line.

Page Boys Foundation Inc is looking for help!Please email Matt at

Updated: 07/17/2020