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Grief Case *Available Now*

Grief Case is a box that is filled with many items that will help your child through the grieving process. This case includes a teddy bear, notebook and pencil (in case of mistakes.), A book about grief, Two Long Candles for the loved ones birthday or death anniversary, as well as a list of local Grief Councilors in your area. If you know anybody that needs this please email Page Boys Foundation Inc at If special requests are wanted please note that of a convenience charge. For More Information click here.

May Announcement

Watch our May Announcement! Grief Case, and a Gala!

Easter Baskets NOW ON SALE

Page Boys Foundation, Inc will be starting a new project this year, creating and selling premade Easter Baskets, for only $10. All money earned will go toward future projects of ours! You pick the color basket, the grass, and every type of candy going inside, wrapped in cellophane and dropped off the Saturday before Easter! For more information please email Matt, at To order please click the link below!

Just a Quick Update

HAPPY 2021! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Page Boys Foundation, Inc is planning for a fun, and informational year! If you would like to participate in anything please feel free to click here!

We are always updating our facebook page with awesome stories and future projects, that may be in the works!

In March, we will be announcing our Gala 2022, See you then!

Matthew Page-Rash, CEO/President.