About Grief Case

Page Boys Foundation Inc today announced Grief Case, a new product and service we will be offering. Grief Case is a box that will offer multiple ways in which children can learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one and it offers a new way for our future generations to learn that grief is a natural process and that they (the children) are not alone.

"Grief case is going to be something to bring a sense of support to people of all ages going through a loss. They won't feel as alone and will know that there's a support system there for them when they're ready to take them hand in hand through the grief process in their own way and pace. Just all in all such an amazing tool to look forward to having for whoever is in need."

-Tessa Rivera, Social Media Ambassador

Features and benefits of Grief Case include.

  • Teddy Bear - To hold tight when thinking about your loved one who passed.

  • A Book about Grief- A Short story about the process of grief.

  • Two Candlesticks- To be lite (by an adult) in Remembrance of your loved one.

  • Journal (with Pencil)- To record the memories you have and save them forever.

  • Box- The above comes in a box that can be kept to save all the memories you share.

Grief Case will be available starting July 8, 2021, at $10*. For more information on Grief Case, visit www.pageboysfoundationinc.com/griefcase

* Grief Case will be sent out free of charge to children who are in most need of grief. The $10 charge is for any special requests added to the case.