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Dash Podcast / Dash YouTube

Hey Guys! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that, Dash Podcast will be releasing their Holiday and Grief 4: 4th of July, Tomorrow, 7/5/2020! This is to coincide with their YouTube premiere of Holiday and Grief. You will also be treated to "W/ Matt" on Monday, July 6. An exclusive to InstagramTV, follow around Matt, living his normal "hectic" life!

Dash Podcast will be releasing a Summer Series, starting next Friday, July 10, Dash Podcast will be back for 4 episodes spread across the next two months! So stay tuned for that as we explore Summer and have some fun doing that! For more information on Dash Podcast on YouTube or Dash Podcast, please visit us on Facebook/Instagram or Twitter @dashpodc. or click here.

Dash Podcast YouTube Channel

Dash Podcast is expanding from just audio and adding Video! We will be bringing many different "segments" or "shows" throughout the tenure of our channel. Premiering on June 6, 2020.

Dash Podcast: Vault - Audio Versions of Dash Podcast seasons one and two.

Bathroom Break- Fun, informational videos that cover everything in a one-two minute span

Dumbsh*t- People in Matt's life either saying or doing dumbsh*t.

Live with Matt- Enjoy bits of Matt's life interviewing people around him and seeing his life.

Dash Podcast: Summer Edition

Because of the Fourth of July, and Holiday and Grief 4 we will be adding 4 more episodes on to that! Airing between July and August we are going to talk about the most random of topics, summer filled segments and some, unknown, amazing guests! Stay Tuned for more details as they come out!

Holiday and Grief 3: Easter

We are having our THIRD edition of Holiday and Grief. This time around, we will be taking an interest in Easter. Yes, we will have some talk about religion. BUT, we also talk about the Easter Bunny, and other traditions. Most importantly, we chat about the different ways we can grieve during this spring filled day! Airing date is April 12, 2020. at 9am.

Season 2 of Dash-Podcast

Season 2 of Dash Podcast is on its way to all major podcast platforms Wednesday, February 26, 2020! They should be posted by 9AM/ETZ. They will be talking about what will be happening throughout this new season, as well as our very own, Michael Rash, will start of being interviewed!

Season 2 Bonus Episodes

Preparing for season two's bonus episodes have been quite epic! We are going to continue or 5 Stages of Grief Series, by calling it Beyond The 5 Stages, We also will be having our third installment of Holiday and Grief 3, Easter. which is where Matt discusses the history of the holiday, the modern way we celebrate, and the ways we grieve. And a very controversial episode we are going to do, The Marijuana Episode.

Holiday & Grief: 1; Halloween

Please join Matt as he dives into his new Dash-Podcast Bonus Series, Holiday and Grief, this is where he will breakdown the holiday, with its history as well as how grief is intertwined. Part 1: Halloween is available on where ever you listen to podcasts!


As our very first season is coming to a wrap, we have to prepare for our next season! We are looking for guests to be on this season and we are also making Season 2, YOUR SEASON! You have the ability to pick the topic for the week as we discuss it on the show, with you! Please contact us for more information!